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Case Study: Swim England


Run has been commissioned for a two-year period to proactively increase the profile of swimming as an activity and drive people to their local pool.

Across this period, Run is producing four digital campaigns showcasing the reasons why swimming is an easy and accessible way to connect and reconnect, and to boost health, fitness and overall wellbeing.


  • An additional 100,000 people are more predisposed to swim after year one
  • Two million impressions across social channels during year one
  • Over 360,000 video views across two campaigns during year one


People more predisposed to swim after year one


Video views across two campaigns during year one


Run has produced three major waves of ‘social-first’ video content designed to motivate audiences to return to the pool.

In year one, content was generated to illicit a highly emotional response and tapped into contemporary issues for families – highlighting that swimming provides a unique environment to deal with ‘modern truths’.

Film one was entitled ‘Because their console doesn’t work under water’ and examined how technology is becoming an overbearing force in some young lives.  Film two captured how, from a mother’s perspective, time is fleeting and emphasised that swimming represents precious time spent together as a family.

Our latest work has showcased how swimming has a positive effect in terms of mental wellness, with 1.4m people highlighting how the activity has provided substantial mental health benefits.

As part of an integrated communications plan, emotive personal stories were brought to life regionally through socials, broadcast, online, and print.

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