Our Services

At Run we work with our client partners to deliver creative and memorable communications

Sponsorship & Communications Consultancy

We develop sponsorship and communications strategies that deliver results that really matter to our clients.

We work with our client partners to understand their organisation’s goals and objectives, and develop a clear strategy to leverage sport in a way that makes a measurable difference.

We understand sport, the sports consumer and how to use market insight to drive engagement and action.

Read about how we’ve helped brands like BT and Commonwealth Games England to leverage brand sponsorships and deliver organisational objectives.

Run PR & Media

We excite consumer audiences and mobilise them to take action.

We’ve sold out national stadiums and mass participation events, changed brand perceptions and increased sports participation

We work with our clients to create compelling narratives, which we deliver expertly online and via broadcast and print media.

Our senior PR & Media practitioners work seamlessly with the Run Social and Visual content team to deliver integrated communications that maximise impact and deliver measurable results.

We are experts at delivering media partnerships, engaging senior media stakeholders, running live event press offices and managing crisis communications situations and reputational issues.

Read about how we help sports like rugby and international events like London 2017 to achieve their objectives.

Run Social & Digital

We design and deliver creative and credible social content and digital strategies that drive behaviour change and deliver measurable results for our clients.

Our team are constantly evolving their relationships with the bloggers, vloggers and online personalities who influence consumer purchasing decisions and developing their knowledge of new digital technology that brings our clients’ narratives to life.

The Social and Digital team work alongside our PR & Media practitioners to deliver integrated communications that deliver both depth of engagement and breadth of message, maximising the impact of our clients’ stories.

Read about how we’ve delivered excellent social campaigns for brands like Swim England and Commonwealth Games England.

Run Video & Content

We work with our client partners to create unique visual content that engages audiences.

We provide a full range of services including content strategy, filming, editing, pre and post production, social seeding and impact measurement.

We’ve created impactful content for brands including Swim England, Commonwealth Games England, Lawn Tennis Association, UK Coaching and British Athletics — view our work here.