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Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games is a Games for Britain

Posted by Steve Chisholm — 6th November 2018

Birmingham is exactly the right city for the Commonwealth Games.

It may have been an unusual route to get here but, based on evidence so far, the Commonwealth Games Federation couldn’t have secured a better city to host their event if it had free-reign to select any anywhere in the world right from the start.

When Durban was unable to continue in its role as the original host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2022, their loss was very much Birmingham’s gain.

The big beneficiary in all this, however, could be British business as whole.

In a post Brexit era, UK businesses are keen to project a confident vision to the world.

The value for the UK economy in showcasing a vibrant country where nations of the world are welcomed is considerable and hugely important as Britain tries to forge a new identity following its exit from the European Union.

Whatever happens with the Brexit fallout in the final reckoning, one thing is certain. The Commonwealth Games in 2022 will be vital in showcasing a positive image of Britain to the world.

Stadiums will be full; the event will be brilliantly organised, fans will travel from all over the globe to attend and local families will have the time of their lives.

Global TV and Social content will project a compelling image of a welcoming, creative and vibrant Britain.

UK Sport recently highlighted a list of international major events which it is considering bidding for over the next 15 years.

They have demonstrated real ambition to attract a whole host of world-class events to Britain.

Securing a high number of these targets will be vital for domestic economic benefit and to continue to support our international profile and reputation.

Internationally, London is currently viewed by many as sporting capital of the world. Glasgow has an impressive reputation for sport – and Birmingham will enhance its reputation through the delivery of an outstanding Commonwealth Games.

Britain leads the way in its delivery of major sports events – creating jobs, community engagement, volunteering and memories made.

‘Sport’ is set to be our calling card to the world over the next decade and Birmingham 2022 can benefit everyone.

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